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    A wise woman once said Fuck this shit! and she lived happily ever after..


    🕯️ Unique candles from my new collection! 🕯️ 🍒 Cherry Orchard: Immerse yourself in the aroma of forest fruits, bergamot, and cherries, which will transport you to a magical orchard full of flowers and fruits. 🌙 Enigmatic Nightfall Aroma: The mysterious scent of saffron, leather, and labdanum will evolve into a subtle and cozy aroma…

  • Bergamot Ecstasy 


    🍊 Sicilian Citrus Magic Candle: Bergamot Ecstasy 🍋 Candle Description: 🌳 Sicilian Citrus 🌞 The scent of this candle transports you to the magical world of citrus orchards in Sicily, where aromatic tangerine oranges and juicy bergamots take center stage, opening the composition with an optimistic and energizing note. The lemony freshness hangs in the air…

  • Blue Concrete Candles ( Vanilla & Jasmine )


    Introducing our Concrete Candle – a striking fusion of industrial aesthetics and the gentle glow of candlelight. Meticulously handcrafted, each Soy Wax Concrete Pillar Candle is a distinctive piece of art, tailored for those who admire the rustic allure of concrete and loft living. Dimensions: 10 cm X 5 cm, 240g Important Notice: Please bear…

  • Blueberry Bliss with a Hint of Vanilla


    🕯️✨ “Experience the magic of our Tealight Candles ‘Blueberry Bliss with a Hint of Vanilla’!” 🌟 Our tealight candles take you on a journey through sensory flavors and aromas. By lighting these small tealights, you open the door to a unique moment of pleasure. 🫐 Feel the enchantment of juicy blueberries, delicately dusted with sugar,…

  • Body Candles


    Our natural soy candle is an extraordinary addition to your interior, seamlessly blending aesthetics with ecological values. Crafted from the highest quality, eco-friendly soy, it not only enhances the ambiance but also reflects our commitment to sustainability. Unlike conventional paraffin candles, it’s environmentally friendly and healthier. Each candle is meticulously handcrafted, ensuring you receive a…

  • Bubble Candle


    The bubble-shaped soy wax candle is truly a magical addition to any interior space. Its unique design brings harmony and tranquility, creating an atmosphere that seamlessly blends with any decor style. Made from natural soy wax, this candle pays homage to nature while combining ecological consciousness with aesthetics. Dimensions: 6 x 6 cm, Weight: 150…

  • Candle Lemon Love Story


    🔥 Our Unique Candle Lemon Love Story🍊 Candle Description: The scent of our candle is filled with extraordinary layers that come together to create a unique aromatic experience. Its composition unfolds gradually, revealing the diversity of ingredients in a harmonious manner. 🌿 Kiwi and Rhubarb 🧡 🥝 At the forefront, there is an energetic top…

  • Cherry Orchard


    Cherry is a scent that transports you to a charming world of juicy cherries and rich forest fruits. In its top notes, the aroma of fresh berries blossoms, delicately blending with spicy bergamot, adding a touch of refinement. At the heart of the composition lies a succulent mixture of red fruits, accentuated by a delicate…

  • Cherry Orchard – Wax Melts 35G


    Scented wax melts are an excellent alternative to traditional candles, offering intense fragrance without the need for burning wicks. These small portions of wax, devoid of packaging and wicks, can be easily used in ceramic warmers with a lit tealight. Simply place your desired amount of wax into the warmer, and you can already enjoy…

  • Christmas Tree – Wax Melts 35g


    Immerse yourself in the magical holiday atmosphere all year round with our unique “Christmas Tree Fragrance Wax Melts.” This aromatic product will transport you straight to a forest of pine trees and greet you with a fresh, invigorating scent that will put you in the perfect mood. What sets our product apart? 🌲 Christmas Tree…

  • Citrus Cheer & Cinnamon Charm – Wax Melts 35g


    Introducing our ‘Citrus Cheer & Cinnamon Charm,’ a true gem in the world of scents that will breathe life into your spaces and transport you to a magical holiday atmosphere all year round. 🍊 Fruity and Citrusy: Our fragrance opens with a juicy blend of cranberry and sweet orange, creating a harmonious combination of sweetness…

  • Dessert Candle

    Dessert Candle


    Introducing our exceptional candle that not only captivates with its scent but also visually resembles a delectable dessert. Its appearance is like a small work of art that entices and encourages you to embark on a true aromatic journey. The scent of this candle is a true tribute to the flavors of a sweet paradise….