Blueberry Bliss with a Hint of Vanilla


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🕯️✨ “Experience the magic of our Tealight Candles ‘Blueberry Bliss with a Hint of Vanilla’!”

🌟 Our tealight candles take you on a journey through sensory flavors and aromas. By lighting these small tealights, you open the door to a unique moment of pleasure.

🫐 Feel the enchantment of juicy blueberries, delicately dusted with sugar, creating a delightful combination with creamy vanilla. It’s like a visit to a cafe where the aroma of bread and cake awakens the senses.

🕯️ As the tealights burn, the delightful fragrance of red berries, sweetness, and cake fills the air. It’s akin to a cozy evening with your favorite tea, surrounded by the gentle notes of warm bread and succulent berries.

💫 Our product is more than just tealights; it’s little stories wrapped in aroma, crafting the perfect ambiance for relaxation and savoring the moment. Enjoy the distinct scent of ‘Sweet Tea-Time Delight with Juicy Blueberries and Creamy Vanilla’ and create an atmosphere of exceptional experiences in your home.

🕯️ Technical Details:
• Burn Time: 4 hours for each tealight
• Package Contains: 6 tealights, each weighing 8.3 g
• Ingredients: Juicy blueberries, sweet strawberries, aromatic bread, delicate cake, and creamy vanilla

🏡 Let yourself be swept away on this aromatic journey and create a unique atmosphere in your home! 🌟✨