Citrus Cheer & Cinnamon Charm – Wax Melts 35g


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Introducing our ‘Citrus Cheer & Cinnamon Charm,’ a true gem in the world of scents that will breathe life into your spaces and transport you to a magical holiday atmosphere all year round.

🍊 Fruity and Citrusy: Our fragrance opens with a juicy blend of cranberry and sweet orange, creating a harmonious combination of sweetness and freshness. It’s like the first sip of a warm, aromatic drink on a winter evening.

🎄 Holiday Magic: Our composition radiates brightness and joy, giving your space a unique, holiday character that will instantly uplift the ambiance.

🔥 Warm and Cozy Atmosphere: This is an aromatic journey to evenings spent by a roaring fire. Notes of cinnamon, jasmine, and lily add elegance and comfort to the fragrance.

🌲 Long-lasting Woody Tones: The fragrance concludes with deep woody notes, where smoky sandalwood, warm cedar, and a hint of musk come together. Hints of vanilla and sugar add sweetness and coziness, like a soft, warm blanket.

Let our ‘Citrus Cheer & Cinnamon Charm’ brighten your evenings! This festive scent combines the best holiday notes, from tart cranberries and sweet oranges to warm spices and earthy woods, all in one essential product for your wax melts. It’s a cheerful holiday favorite that will bring joy to your home all year round