Dessert Candle


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Introducing our exceptional candle that not only captivates with its scent but also visually resembles a delectable dessert. Its appearance is like a small work of art that entices and encourages you to embark on a true aromatic journey.

The scent of this candle is a true tribute to the flavors of a sweet paradise. Sensual notes of buttery sugar, glistening like sugar crystals, evoke the exquisite taste of cakes and pastries. It’s not just a visual delight but also an olfactory journey through freshly baked indulgence.

Our candle also exudes aromas that capture the essence of a dessert experience. Noticeable hints of vanilla, cupcakes with frosting, and subtle accents of milk and butter come together in a harmonious melody of flavors. It’s like an invitation to a unique culinary experience for your senses.

This candle will not only adorn your space but also fill it with a wonderful aroma that transports you to a world of flavors and pleasures. Add magic and charm to your home with our exceptional candle.

To make the most of your candle’s burn time, please refer to our candle care page. Here are the approximate burn times for each size:
30cl – 56 to 62 hours
Our candles are crafted with utmost care using 100% natural soy wax and infused with the pure essence of natural essential oils. Not only do they offer a longer and cleaner burn compared to paraffin wax candles, but they also uphold a commitment to not include any harmful materials.
Immerse yourself in a premium candle experience that is proudly Made in the UK. Our candles don’t just illuminate spaces, they elevate them with the soothing embrace of natural aromas and the assurance of responsible craftsmanship.