Bergamot Ecstasy 


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🍊 Sicilian Citrus Magic Candle: Bergamot Ecstasy 🍋



🌳 Sicilian Citrus 🌞

The scent of this candle transports you to the magical world of citrus orchards in Sicily, where aromatic tangerine oranges and juicy bergamots take center stage, opening the composition with an optimistic and energizing note. The lemony freshness hangs in the air like morning sun rays, adding dynamism to the entire atmosphere.

🌿 Petitgrain, Cardamom 🔥

As the candle burns, you gently transition to the heart of the fragrance, where notes of petitgrain and cardamom harmoniously blend. Petitgrain imparts a green and subtly bitter aroma, reminiscent of aromatic tree leaves and plants. Cardamom adds spicy notes, introducing an element of sensuality and depth to the composition.

🍬 Caramel, Moss 🌲

As the scent unfolds, you reach the main base note, which brings a feeling of exceptional comfort and pleasure. Sweet caramel accents envelop you like soft, embracing blankets, creating a pleasant sense of relaxation. The earthy and sensual moss adds depth and longevity to the entire composition, like a peaceful forest in the distance.

This candle with the scent of Sicilian tangerine oranges, bergamot, lemon, petitgrain, cardamom, caramel, and moss takes you on a journey full of emotions and experiences, from a refreshing morning to warm, soothing evenings, creating a unique atmosphere of harmony and pleasure.

🕯️ Burn Times

To make the most of your candle’s burn time, please refer to our candle care page. Here are the approximate burn times for each size:

  • 30cl – 56 to 62 hours

🌱 Soy Wax, Natural Ingredients 💚

Our candles are crafted with utmost care using 100% natural soy wax and infused with the pure essence of natural essential oils. Not only do they offer a longer and cleaner burn compared to paraffin wax candles, but they also uphold a commitment to not include any harmful materials.

Immerse yourself in a premium candle experience that is proudly Made in the UK. Our candles don’t just illuminate spaces, they elevate them with the soothing embrace of natural aromas and the assurance of responsible craftsmanship.

🇬🇧 Made in the UK, British  🇬🇧