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  • Bergamot Ecstasy 


    🍊 Sicilian Citrus Magic Candle: Bergamot Ecstasy 🍋 Candle Description: 🌳 Sicilian Citrus 🌞 The scent of this candle transports you to the magical world of citrus orchards in Sicily, where aromatic tangerine oranges and juicy bergamots take center stage, opening the composition with an optimistic and energizing note. The lemony freshness hangs in the air…

  • Candle Lemon Love Story


    🔥 Our Unique Candle Lemon Love Story🍊 Candle Description: The scent of our candle is filled with extraordinary layers that come together to create a unique aromatic experience. Its composition unfolds gradually, revealing the diversity of ingredients in a harmonious manner. 🌿 Kiwi and Rhubarb 🧡 🥝 At the forefront, there is an energetic top…