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  • Bergamot Ecstasy 


    🍊 Sicilian Citrus Magic Candle: Bergamot Ecstasy 🍋 Candle Description: 🌳 Sicilian Citrus 🌞 The scent of this candle transports you to the magical world of citrus orchards in Sicily, where aromatic tangerine oranges and juicy bergamots take center stage, opening the composition with an optimistic and energizing note. The lemony freshness hangs in the air…

  • Candle Lemon Love Story


    🔥 Our Unique Candle Lemon Love Story🍊 Candle Description: The scent of our candle is filled with extraordinary layers that come together to create a unique aromatic experience. Its composition unfolds gradually, revealing the diversity of ingredients in a harmonious manner. 🌿 Kiwi and Rhubarb 🧡 🥝 At the forefront, there is an energetic top…

  • Cherry Orchard


    Cherry is a scent that transports you to a charming world of juicy cherries and rich forest fruits. In its top notes, the aroma of fresh berries blossoms, delicately blending with spicy bergamot, adding a touch of refinement. At the heart of the composition lies a succulent mixture of red fruits, accentuated by a delicate…

  • Dessert Candle

    Dessert Candle


    Introducing our exceptional candle that not only captivates with its scent but also visually resembles a delectable dessert. Its appearance is like a small work of art that entices and encourages you to embark on a true aromatic journey. The scent of this candle is a true tribute to the flavors of a sweet paradise….

  • Enigmatic Nightfall Aroma


    Enigmatic Nightfall Aroma Fragrance Oil is an extraordinary candle that embodies a luxurious, unique scent. It’s like experiencing the application of exquisite perfumes on the body, but in the form of an elegant candle that fills the room with an exceptional aroma. Its intense, long-lasting scent seduces the senses and evokes thoughts of refined haute…

  • Ethereal Peony Path


    Discover the luxurious collection of candles that evoke the allure of a mysterious garden filled with peony blossoms. Our exclusive candles are handcrafted from the finest soy wax and carefully selected natural ingredients, ensuring an unforgettable olfactory experience. The top note of red apple gently envelops you from the moment you light the candle, opening…

  • Vanilla & Jasmine

    Vanilla & Jasmine


    Immerse yourself in an extraordinary experience with our exclusive candle, which will take you on a journey through a luxurious world of sensual aromas. Madagascar Vanilla, whose rich aroma captivates with its depth, combined with an intense Nutmeg note, creates a unique harmony. These luxurious notes, enhanced by delicate Butter, envelop you in a cozy…