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  • Blueberry Bliss with a Hint of Vanilla


    🕯️✨ “Experience the magic of our Tealight Candles ‘Blueberry Bliss with a Hint of Vanilla’!” 🌟 Our tealight candles take you on a journey through sensory flavors and aromas. By lighting these small tealights, you open the door to a unique moment of pleasure. 🫐 Feel the enchantment of juicy blueberries, delicately dusted with sugar,…

  • Christmas Tree – Wax Melts 35g


    Immerse yourself in the magical holiday atmosphere all year round with our unique “Christmas Tree Fragrance Wax Melts.” This aromatic product will transport you straight to a forest of pine trees and greet you with a fresh, invigorating scent that will put you in the perfect mood. What sets our product apart? 🌲 Christmas Tree…

  • Citrus Cheer & Cinnamon Charm – Wax Melts 35g


    Introducing our ‘Citrus Cheer & Cinnamon Charm,’ a true gem in the world of scents that will breathe life into your spaces and transport you to a magical holiday atmosphere all year round. 🍊 Fruity and Citrusy: Our fragrance opens with a juicy blend of cranberry and sweet orange, creating a harmonious combination of sweetness…

  • Pink Pepper Dreams – Wax Melts 35g


    🌸 “Wax Melt Pink Pepper Dreams” 🌸 Immerse yourself in a world of aromatic delight with our unique Pink Pepper Dreams wax melt. Our fragrance blend will take you on a journey through scentscapes where notes of pink pepper, orange flower, tonka bean, vanilla absolute, and benzoin create an unforgettable bouquet of aromas. 🌸 Scent…

  • Sweet Berries and Juicy Strawberries tealights

    Sweet Berries and Juicy Strawberries tealights


    🕯️✨ “Indulge your senses with our ‘Sweet Berries and Juicy Strawberries’ tealights!” 🌟 Our tealights offer a sensory feast, beginning with an explosion of vibrant red berry essence, unfolding into a juicy strawberry heart, and finishing with a delightful vanilla base. 🍓 Envision a symphony of aromas that opens with the invigorating burst of red…