Pink Pepper Dreams – Wax Melts 35g


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🌸 “Wax Melt Pink Pepper Dreams” 🌸

Immerse yourself in a world of aromatic delight with our unique Pink Pepper Dreams wax melt. Our fragrance blend will take you on a journey through scentscapes where notes of pink pepper, orange flower, tonka bean, vanilla absolute, and benzoin create an unforgettable bouquet of aromas.

🌸 Scent Notes 🌸

🌿 Pink Pepper: Notes of sharp and spicy pink pepper awaken your senses and enliven your space.

🍊 Orange Flower: Sweet orange flower notes add delicacy and elegance.

🌰 Tonka Bean: Tonka bean notes blend seamlessly, adding depth and sweetness.

🍨 Vanilla Absolute: Warm, creamy vanilla absolute notes envelop you in coziness and serenity.

✨ Benzoin: Benzoin adds an incense-like aroma, creating an atmosphere of relaxation and tranquility.

Our wax melts are handcrafted from the highest quality wax, ensuring long-lasting and intense scent experiences. Discover the magic of Pink Pepper Dreams and create unforgettable moments of relaxation in your home.