English Garden – Wax Melts 35G


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Scented wax melts are an excellent alternative to traditional candles, offering intense fragrance without the need for burning wicks. These small portions of wax, devoid of packaging and wicks, can be easily used in ceramic warmers with a lit tealight. Simply place your desired amount of wax into the warmer, and you can already enjoy a delightful scent, which is notably more intense than that of traditional candles.

The greatest advantage of scented wax melts lies in their efficiency and longevity. Soy wax melts can be used multiple times until they lose their scent, making them an economical option for aromatherapy enthusiasts.

It’s worth noting that each wax melt is handmade, so the color shade may vary slightly from that shown in the picture.

Fragrance notes:

Top Notes: Hyacinth, Rhubarb, Violet Leaf.

Heart Notes: Musk, Cottage Roses.

Base Notes: Wood, Amber, Vanilla.