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  • Fuck this shits

    A wise woman once said Fuck this shit! and she lived happily ever after..


    🕯️ Unique candles from my new collection! 🕯️ 🍒 Cherry Orchard: Immerse yourself in the aroma of forest fruits, bergamot, and cherries, which will transport you to a magical orchard full of flowers and fruits. 🌙 Enigmatic Nightfall Aroma: The mysterious scent of saffron, leather, and labdanum will evolve into a subtle and cozy aroma…

  • Teddy Bear Candle

    Teddy Bear Candle


    Exclusive Candles “Magical Garden” and “Solaris Noir” Available Colors: 🌸 Pink & 🔵 Blue Our candles are more than just a source of fragrance; they are also a source of beauty. Each one is made from the highest quality wax and presents the free-standing shape of an adorable teddy bear with a heart. Their unique…