Protective Hamsa Amulet


  • Disc Natural soy wax
  • Disc Eco box
  • Visa Card
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover Card
  • PayPal


– 8.5 x 6 cm and 70 g
– Odorless
– Soy wax

The symbol of the Hand of Fatima, often referred to as the “Hamsa”, is deeply rooted in many cultures and traditions around the globe. Originating from the Middle East, this unique sign serves as an amulet protecting against negative forces. It’s believed that this hand acts not only as a shield repelling bad energies and adversities of fate but also as an attractor of goodness and positive vibrations. It effectively guards against jealousy, malicious intent from others, and the evil eye, which in many cultures is seen as a cause of misfortune. Moreover, the Hand of Fatima is often a symbol of fertility, power, and strength, and its presence in homes, on jewelry, or amulets brings blessings and protection to the wearer.

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Color Hamsa Amulet

Black, Blue, Pink, White